Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Grate-full.  As cup runneth over with grates.

These are register grates salvaged from old houses.

I collected these from two separate junking excursions.

And I have purchase more since these photos were taken.
I think I have about 14 to sell.

They are quite beautiful. If you took the heavy lever part off of the back,
they would make a great wall display.  Have a grate week!

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  1. Cool! I have 3 - 2 small and 1 large. Repainted my favorite turquoise and have them on the parking shed wall.

    been out due to my sciatica

  2. I so enjoyed seeing your collection! Thanks for sharing it with us at Vintage Charm :)

  3. I'd love a wall grouping of about 3 vertically, painted flat black (less liable to show the dust; housekeeping literally gets a lick and a promise sometimes at my house!


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