Thursday, October 19, 2017

Halloween Upcycled Vintage Hats 2017 Edition

 I have been taking cheap vintage hats and upcycling them into classy (yet freaky)
Halloween toppers for several years now.  If you wish to see past years click:
2014 here, 2015 here, 2016 here.
Without further ado, I would like to present the 2017 Halloween hats:

I made two snake hats this year, this is the first.

This is the second snake hat.  
I like how the snake tail hangs down the back,
 like decorative ribbon.

This hat was inspired when I found a huge dead bug in my yard,
he is front and center. I added a couple more real, and a couple fake bugs.

 I had to figure out how to put them on pins,
without pinning anyone's head.  
Pinning them to a huge furry spider was a good solution.

This is my only Halloween doll this year.
I found her at a flea market, no legs.
But she is not really very scary, 
I gave her a fancy "matching" hat with a feather.


Bat in front glows in the dark.
This gives you a nice view of my model.

Eyeballs made out of pingpong balls.
This one is my favorite hat so far.
 So far .... because there are more coming tomorrow.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Painting A Buffet For A Friend

I went to an estate sale a few weeks ago and saw this funky little buffet. ( I know what you are thinking....she is not supposed to be buying furniture.  And you are so right!)  I actually didn't buy it, but it was the $100 price tag rather than clear thinking that saved me.

 I was attracted to the color and the art deco design on the doors (which I had already sanded off somewhat at the time of this photo.) But remember, it doesn't belong to me! Long story short, a friend of mine ended up purchasing it and didn't like the color or the art deco design as much as I did.  She had me to paint it for her.  After sanding the design down, I painted the doors and top a light green to cover any stains or dark colors.

Then I did two thin coats of white with a paint that she had supplied.

A little distressing that brought out some of the green underneath.
What a cute little piece she turned out to be!
I've christened her "Hettie".

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Selling Vintage Typewriters

I am getting ready to list three vintage typewriters on ebay.
They are beauties. 

 These first two pics are of a Remington.

 All three typewriters are fairly small and "portable".
But all seriously heavy.

 This is a Wanderer-Werke
(I think the "W" logo looks alot like Wonder Woman's).
It was made in Germany, about 1940.

This is a Royal Arrow.
After I took these pics I found that I had yet another Royal Arrow
(someone has a serious typewriter fetish) ,
but this one is two-toned and has "tombstone" shaped keys.

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Vintage Framed Chalkboard Bible Verse

My SON and DIL (daughter-in-law) visited a couple weeks ago.
We managed to fit an amazing amount of activity in one little weekend.
When she mentioned that she was interested in making a chalkboard Bible verse,
we were all in.  Let's squeeze in one more activity.

 First we had to shop for the vintage frame.  
The right size and right amount of raised ornamental detail.
I had DIL paint two coats of an off-white on frame.
I came back at the end to do the fun part of dry-brushing
on a little gold highlighting.

 SON was in charge of cutting a piece of fiberboard to size
and giving it two coats of black chalk paint.
Then we coaxed my talented husband into doing the
chalkboard art that she wanted with a Chalk Marker.

One awesome family project.
One happy (and sweet!) DIL.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Freaky Friday Halloween Shadowboxes

I upcycled two of my upcycled Halloween books
 (a double upcycle!) from the last year to make two shadowboxes.

Click here
 to view my Halloween Book Assemblages post from last year.

I adored the decorated Halloween books, 
but they were not a big seller.
I am hoping the shadowboxes will do better.

I didn't have to buy a thing for these, 
I am not quite yet at the bottom of the Halloween decorating stash.  
But close.

"For The Eye" is my favorite creepy element.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Lemon Of A Cabinet Furniture Redo

Do not buy furniture.  No furniture needed.  No room for furniture.  Furniture not selling well.  Stay away from furniture.  Furniture is on the DO NOT BUY LIST.  Why, oh why, don't I listen to that inner voice?

So then last weekend I came home with this monstrosity.  I paid $50 for it early in the morning while it was barely daylight, and went back to load it late afternoon.  With clear vision I saw:  the glass doors weren't shutting snugly, the two bottom drawer fronts were warped and unusable, the top had a piece of fiberboard nailed to it for whatever reason; the bottom legs had been cut off (so the cabinet looks more like a hutch top than a cabinet);

and a section of wood had been torn off the left side.  So....not only was this a large piece of furniture, but basically it was a lemon.  I beat myself up for an appropriate number of days while I let it lay dormant in the back of my van.  Then I took action.

Day 1:  I took the shelves out to powerwash them at the carwash (after peeling off the faux wood shelf liners.)  I replaced the screws on the door hinges, and the doors actually closed.  I took out the offensive drawers and threw them away.

I selected a piece of wood to attach over the gaping openings (choosing this piece of wood made me commit to painting the entire cabinet.).  I decided not to remove the offensive fiberboard from the top since I was painting it (who knows what hornets nest that would have uncovered).  That was enough mosquito bites and mental anguish for one day.

 Day 2:  I used a paint stir stick (which I whacked to size with a paper cutter), plastic wood, and a few screws to "repair" (I use the word loosely) damage on the side enough to be able to paint it. Should have done a "how not to" video here, HA.

Cut and attached the piece of wood over top of the drawer openings.  Painted the fiberboard top with an oil primer (so no chance of bleeding through the paint.)

 And lastly custom mixed the two shades of green that I had decided to layer on the exterior.  I added a plaster of paris mix to these to make them into a chalk paint that would adhere well to the cabinet.  (You can find a "recipe" for this anywhere on the internet.)

Day 3:  Sanded down the "plastic wood" so that it was smooth.  Painted four layers of paint.  Gold (dry brushed it on, only hitting "high" areas.  Very dark green (same as gold, except hitting all "low" areas). Dark green all over cabinet.  Medium green all over cabinet.

 Day 4:  Sanding to distress cabinet.  Of course my elderly orbital sander died in the middle of this.  So I had to spend the morning at a hardware store.  More sanding to distress.  Some hand sanding, which I hate.

 Then I got out the Minwax Early American stain and did a quick wipe on - wipe off over the whole piece.  It aged it a bit, and I liked the overall color better with the stain. In above photos I had used the stain on the right door and bottom, you can see the big difference.

 The lemon turned out pretty well, I am naming her "Geraldine". 

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Last Weekend's Vintage Finds

We had a very fun and family oriented weekend, during which I intentionally ignored auctions and garage sales.  EXCEPT ONE.  I drug my son to one early Friday morning, and we were rewarded with some good junk.

 This little doll was probably a tea cozy.
She has some age to her, and has the cutest apron. 

 Pepsi chalkboard from the 1970s and decorative star. 

Vintage confetti mixing bowl, not Texasware -
but still very collectible.  Heading to ebay.

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